Hamon 1.4: manage retraction+attach TC/confirmation
THE ONLY COMPATIBLE MODULE 1.4. The module allows you to upgrading your website compliance standards of the new Hamon consumption's law. As of June 13, your shop will correspond to new measur
Unit Quantity Calculator and Convertor
Adds a reciprocal calculator applet to the product pages to automatically calculate the required cartoon units, box units, etc. You sell your products in cartoons, or in box, etc. and tho
Advanced Checkout Page + Pickup
Replaces the standard ordering and adds the ability to edit fields for registration. Intuitive. Powerful. Customizable. Responsive. One page checkout for Prestashop 1.5 and 1.6  
Responsive One Step Checkout / One Page Checkout
The One Step Checkout module is a must-have module that simplifies the checkout process and makes it much easier and faster for customers to buy products at your store. Responsive One Pa
Order agreements / Show user guide before purchase
This module allows to show video or text user guide at product pages and at the checkout page. Use standard CMS pages like text content or link from YouTube for video content. Law of some
Surface (Area) / Volume Calculation
A utility to calculate order quantity in terms of surface (area) or volume units. If you are selling your products in area (surface) units, or in volume units, you'll definetely need th
Classy and Compact One Page Checkout
Increase your potential visitor-to-customer ratio with a modern and easy-to-understand layout. This module offers you a beautiful redesign and enhanced navigation on the current One Page Checkout of P
Custom blocks in the order steps
Customize your order steps and inform your customers at every step of his order (promotions, last minute, thanks, etc ...)  This module allows you to inform your customers before finaliz
Allows you to be warned on one or more email addresses a customer has placed an order on your shop. Allows you to be warned on one or more email addresses a customer has placed an order o

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