Fast Checkout
This extension allows creating fields for the user to fill in instead of completing 6 long default steps. They will be displayed on one page. The customer no longer needs to register and log in.
BestUniverse Duplicate Order
 This module allows you to duplicate orders in your store.  Very simply way to duplicate your customer order. Video  Orders duplicate with Ordered products Cu
Quick Order Form
This quick order add-on allows your clients to have access to an order form directly from the name or reference of the product. This purchase will enable you to increase your clients s
Motivation of sales - Upsell
 This is a priceless module for those who want to drastically increase revenue without spending too much effort. Offer your visitors additional or similar products and let your sales grow.
Time 2 Buy
Time2Buy is a patent-pending technology that monitors the browsing behavior of shoppers on your site and displays time-sensitive offers them to buy now.    Increase Conversion Rates b
Froggy Cart To Order
Convert a cart into order become easy with Froggy Cart to Order. With this module, you can, with a few clicks, transform a cart into an order, allowing you to fix the possible problems that may oc
Regulated products, legal obligations
This module allows managing products subject to regulation (available exclusively to adults, for example) and require customers to accept the terms & conditions of sale of that kind of goods.
IP block - bannish ip
This module allow you to block ips from accessing your website Once the ip address added to the list, peoples connected under this address are automatically redirected to the construction page.

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