email silent verificator - verify/check email
Email silent checker - customer email control   This module allow your website to control customers email silently, which means without asking any information to the user..   B
Abandoned Cart Reminder Pro
Improve your conversion rate by 15% (and more) with abandoned carts reminder emails! An automatic email is sent to customers each time they add products to their shopping cart but does no
Order Uploads
Allows you to display a file upload control for certain products during the checkout steps and to exchange files based on the product of an order (i.e. design validation, contracts ... )  
Options de commande
This module can display the commandes options in the cart during the ordering process.  You want to offer to your customers differents options about your order such as insurance on d
Super Checkout - One Page Checkout - with Social Login
Simple, Quick, Convenient One Page Checkout with multiple logins including Facebook/Google+ login, multiple columns layout, Show/Hide/Sort Checkout fields. Ajax based Mobile Responsive Checkout &
Voucher on carrier
Give away a voucher for some products for specific carriers. Is a carrier cheaper for you ? Guide your customers to it by giving them a reduction. Guide your customer to a specific carr
Advanced order form
This module allows your customers to put in their carts products and combinations of a category as quickly as possible.  This module will give the side professional who you are missing n
Serial Tracking
Module to trace the products ordered by their serial number. You know exactly which products are shipped by tracing their serial numbers in the order management. Ideal for managing your Stock and
1 Currency by Country
This module allow you to force a country to only use one currency of your choice. Your customers are warned in front office and the currency is automatically changed.  Make sure your c

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