Shipping mail (FR, International)
Costs Intl Port installed with setting areas, countries, tariffs, taxes, weight, sizes, images. Opportunities to make a backup and restore. Set your carefree shipping for mail Colissimo F
Rules shopping by Client Group
This module allows you to define for each group of customers to add a product to cart rights depending on the type or brand of the product. This module is very convenient, especially in t
WordPress Latest Posts
This module adds a block to display the last X posts from your WordPress blog. The block can be added in left or right column or on your home page. Note: WordPress tables can be installed in a separat
Payu Latam Plus
Receive payments in Latin America with payu Latam. ( quickly and safely Receive payments with PayU (, from different countries like Colombia, Argentina
Viewing product combinations in a table
Allows to display combinations of a product as a table. In so doing each column corresponds to an attribute (for example: color, size, material). The module also allows to filter combinations by a
Payments in store (with optional commission)
Deluxe Payment in Store Module, is a module developed for PrestaShop that provides to your clients the possibility to pay in your shop adding a commission charge.       Th
Block sliding cart
Add an icon with a slidding cart panel on your shop online PrestaShop ! As the contents of the basket is no longer apparent, customers tend to continue their purchases ... and the average increases! C
Cancel Order
Gives customers the possibility to cancel an order if it is not yet validated, through his orders history. Your client does not need to warn you to cancel the order and you know that d
Add Media (CSS, LESS, JS)
You want to manage the media (CSS, JS and LESS) on your Prestashop without creating your own module, this module is for you. You can add local or external CSS, local or external JS but mostly LESS

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