Call For Price Button - Hide Price - Hide Add to Cart
Hide Product price, Hide Add to cart button. Show Call for price button. Buyers will submit their details in AJAX form and Store merchant can contact them back with price. Generate leads for produ
Search products by categories
This module will help you search product category and its products from the drop down menu. It is helpful when there is a lot of categories and products in store.   Video
SwedBank banklink 1.6
Module allows direct payment from SWEDBANK. The configurations use the private key, the public key and snd id. SWEDBANK is shown in the order confirmation and in the order detail’s page and
Backward Compatibility
Improve modules compatibility. Thanks to this tool, you will be able to use some 1.5 modules with the older 1.4  version of PrestaShop without any problem. In addition, the use of th
Stocks and prices via CSV updater + stock alerts
This module allows you to upgrade the stock and prices of your products and combinations through importing a CSV file. It also lets you enable alerts for stocks that are below the minimum (by pro
Boost your online brand awareness by delivering banners on high profile media brands websites. Target your customers and your potential new prospects for your business.   Start your campaign
Music Shop
Allows to sell digital music as whole albums and single tracks through PrestaShop. This module saves your time by automatically doing all thing for you. Music Shop will add all tracks to
Gallery - Photo Album - Press Release
Add a new page on your shop containing a gallery of pictures. According to your wishes, you can for example create a gallery of pictures of your customers using your products, a photo alb
Cumulative Discounts Pro
The module allows you to create a cumulative discount program, which is to put price caps (total purchasing customers) beyond which the customer is assigned to a group discount, price thresholds c

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