Confirmation email
This module adds a field confirmation email in order to avoid any typing errors. Optional: Prevents copy and paste in the area to confirm the e-mail address Have you never received error
BestUniverse Show Ordered Products list
 You can see all ordered products in list, ​List have sort filter order history color highlights show all orders where product ordered filter by supplier Seller can faster manage orde
Creation of the sale terms and legal notices of your website in French, English, Spanish, German and Italian to sell in the European community. You still do not have sale terms for your e
Help Desk
This module is responsible for displaying customer-admin communication at one place and notifying of admin ticket replies.  Prestashop Help Desk Prestashop Help Desk is a convenient
BestUniverse Empty Tables
Choose sql tables for truncate. You can restart your eshop with ONE CLICK.   Develop your eshop, test your eshop a then Trunacate tables an Start Selling! Video
Private categories for b2b stores
This module allows you to create private categories. Turn your online store in an exclusive and private space where only users that you choose can go in it. You’ll have different categories for
Custom Terms and Condition - Hamon Law
Protégez-vous contre tout litige avec des CGV adaptées ! Avec l’arrivée de la loi Hamon, tous les cybermarchands devront mettre à jour leur CGV d’ici le 13
Business Hours
Set business hours for your back office, on a per employee basis or globally. Employees won't be able to access the back office during closed hours. This module allows you to secure your
Request Product Info
Request product info allows you to add a contact button on the product page to request more information on it.   The module can be configured to select wich categories display the reques

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