Product Filter by Employee (Owner)
The Employee Product Filter module enhances the standard product catalog and grid functionality by adding visibility control feature based on product ownership (product owner) to the Admin Panel.
Admin Grids Manager
Manage the admin grids columns’ size, position, and title in a any admin grid and choose which ones to display in store administration section. The Admin Grids Manager allows you to
Ordered Products Status
Status Management of products. The module allows new opportunities to manage orders. Each item in the order, has the personal status. This system extends the order management. Filter and search
CSV Import no more 500 errors
This module fixs error 500 due an execution time limit in PHP, tipically shown in Shared Hosting, such as example, 1&1, when importing csv's of: - Products - Categories - Customers - Addresses -
Creation of the sale terms and legal notices of your website in French You still do not have sale terms for your e-commerce website or your current terms are no longer up to date in regar
Email Backup - Backup any email sent from the shop
Backup emails sent from the shop in an alternate email address where you can store and review them. You can also set filter rules in the configured email to speed up email organization and sear
Product Serial (Security Key manager)
The module allows you to sell codes for games, softs and more. Automatic sending codes when purchasing. Stock management. In order detail (front-office order history), customer have access to
Batch (Mass) Update - Product
Provides the ability to mass update or batch update price, wholesale price and quantity of all products at once. This module allows you to quick update price, wholesale price and quantity
Mail Check
The module MAIL CHECK check instantly the e-mails during the registration. Module by It compares them to existing domain names and checks if they are corrects. Increase the qua

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