Home Tag Tabs
The module allows you to add in a very simple way any number of tabs on the home page. Just type your own title of tab and the name of the tag and the module displays a list of tagged products tab
Autocompletion de la ville
 Ce module complète le champ "Ville" dès que le client entre son code postal dans le formulaire d'adresse   Simplifie la saisie de l'adresse pour le client, ce qui réduit le temps su
Customers Pictures on your product pages
This module allows your customers to publish their own pictures on your product pages, in order to show them on the product footer, in the same way that the customers reviews. Increase,
With Freskdesk you can view, create and track tickets, and access to your knowledge base via contact widget and chat Support widget in front office Ticket tracking in customer account
Image Crop
"Module Image Crop" is a simple but powerful tool for administrators of an e-shop. It allows you to crop, automatically, the images that are loaded on the store.     The usefulness of
Product Likes
Let your customers decide the best product by "liking" it. This module let users to like any product which helps you know about customer’s choice and trend.   Administrator can
Product Gallery Images with Zoom Effect
With the help of the module "Product Gallery Images with Zoom Effect", users are able to magnify an image to have a more detailed view of the image. It clears and highlights customizable modules f
Purchasing and live baskets
Displays a block that simulates additions in baskets or shopping based on past orders and baskets. Can increase the impulse purchases.   Improve your revenues by boosting the impulse pur
Affiliate Product
This module will allow the shop owner to add and promote an affiliate / external product to the store, the owner should provide the URL or full link of the affiliate product and customize some of

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