Ajax CSV Product Export
Big stores tend to have a lot of troubles with exporting their data, mostly due to sheer amount of products in the catalog. Our Ajax CSV Product Export PrestaShop module is meant to prevent databa
Price List
It’s sometimes necessary to show your customer all of your products and prices in a neat spreadsheet or PDF file. Creating them is a slow and taxing process though – and our Price List Prestas
CQout Online Auctions Bulk Uploads
The CQout module gives you the facility to list your inventory from your PrestaShop powered website onto CQout Market Place effortlessly and to import your sales and orders automatically back into
Professional FactuSOL Connector
Professional module for connecting PrestaShop and Factusol, which keeps the data synchronized between the two platforms. Allows you to upload new products from Factusol to PrestaShop.    
Advanced Export for 1.5/6 Produts&Orders Cron/CSV
Advanced CSV Export is an easy to use but powerful tool for export products, orders, categories, suppliers, manufaturers, newsletters in csv format. You can save fields sets in database, so you do
Catalogue exporter for official importer
The best product exporter for PrestaShop stores (products, categories and combinations), intended to be used with PrestaShop official import system.      Prestashop module intended to
Yourtva calcul de votre TVA
Module to extract the bills out of your store and the choice two types of VAT over a defined period. Module to extract the bills out of your store and the choice two types of VAT over a d
Import product from Microsoft Excel
Comfortable and customizable imports from microsoft excel in your store. You can add a new product or upgrade the current one. The module can be customized to your excel file. File log errors an
Only available for french users.   Only available for french users. Only available for french users  

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