CDL Export Data
Export your catalogue. It is possible to export each article features or just the price and the quantity, for a lighter exportation. In XML or CSV format. For an easier reading, all the combinatio
Export orders to Geodis
Export automatically your orders to Geodis when the payment is accepted. Update automatically your orders status when Geodis shipped them. 100% automatic Export your orders when the pa
PrestaCenter XML Export Multi
Export products in XML for price comparison services. Prestacenter XML Eport Multi is the Multistore version of the module for export products in XML format for comparison shopping websit
Etat du stock
<p >Track your stock! <p >This PrestaShop module allows you to give the possibility to extract a status of the stock at all times. <p >The extraction is available in two formats HTML
Easy export of data from the administration interface
With this module PrestaShop, you can integrate an export button below each table of results in the administration interface: client manufacturer category product order ... The generated file is in csv
Export Customers 2 CSV
You can simply export all customers CSV for your PrestaShop store!      A simple and efficient Addon for prestashop.  Export your customer csv file and import it into
Sales export CSV
You can now export a quick view of your sales, including taxes detail, voucher code and order status, in a convenient CVS file.   Track your sales and export all your taxes for your
Export Customers for Prestashop 1.5
Export all the customers database fields in a CSV file.   You can choose the fields you want to export and filter you customers by groups.You customers CSV file can to be imported fo
Products / Orders / Customers Export
Export products, orders and customers list. Preview your files with Excel, Abiword, LibreOffice, OpenOffice. Don't waste time using complex export solution - with few clicks you will be able to

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