Rules shopping by Client Group
This module allows you to define for each group of customers to add a product to cart rights depending on the type or brand of the product. This module is very convenient, especially in t
Cross selling
Vente croisée is a module automatically creating cross-selling based on the customer's basket. This module allows you to display complementary products to those in his basket. This technique of cross
Advanced Pack 5 - Create ​​bundles of products
Allows the sale batch using any stocks actually available products composing your packs, and offers the opportunity to apply business operations. Allow the purchase of combinations of pro
Voucher on comment / Bon de réduction sur commentaire
A study by the agency Chadwick Martin Bailey, conducted on 1500 people in the U.S. showed that one in five primary criteria for choosing is the opinions of Internet users.   It is therefore very impo
Cart reminder / Rappel de panier
Increase your sales by dramatically reducing the number of abandoned shopping cart !     What's more frustrating than seeing a visitor to add a product to their shopping cart, to follow the checkout
Increase sales / Augmenter les ventes - Blueknow Recommender
Want to increase sales by up to 30%? Want to increase the number of users buying? Want to increase Average Order Value (AOV)?     All of this is possible using Blueknow Recommender, a service that l
Pack E-merchandising 1to1 par Ezako
Stop displaying bikinis when your visitor is looking for skis ! Cross-Sell, Up-Sell and Personalized Product Recommendations for Home, Product and Basket pages.   Start now to enjoy your
Lookbook & Product Sets
A must have for all fashion, furniture and decoration shops, as well as any shop wishing to elegantly present and display compelling product sets. This module was developed by Business Te
Additional products on order page
Increase sales by displaying your customers additional products (cross selling) during the ordering process. This simple implementation module allows you to increase sales by displaying a

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