One page paginator
Products in categories and search will be on one page. Instead of buttons, there will be the pagination-button "show more". When you click, items appear on this page or when you scroll page down
Frequently Asked Questions about Products - FAQ
Receive and answer your customer inquiries and display the questions/answers on the product sheets. Frequently asked questions - FAQ Customers can ask questions about products Thanks to o
Category Fields
Add extra fields to your categories and display them anywhere on your category pages with the ability to create html / rich text field blocks and expandable / collpasible blocks of information.
Dimensional Characteristics and Measures Features
Add dimension to the feature. For example, you can set dimention "kg" to the characteristic Weight (insted of putting "3 kg" in Value field, you write "3" and have "Weight, kg : 3").  
Modern News
Fully customizable news module which allows for:   adding/editing/removing news upload photo and add multilingual content to the news choose place where you want to show news choose if show the date
Forum designed and developed specifically for the core PrestaShop 1.6. This module allows you to create an interaction with all stakeholders in your shop (customers, managers...). add c
This module allows you to integrate a quality blog solution into your shop. It's easy to use, SEO optimized and fully compatible with Prestashop 1.5. No need to install Wordpress to get
Yop multiple tabs in product
Through the module, you can add as many tabs as you need. Its the perfect module, if you have to add mass additional information about your products, shipment methods or some other information.
Functional Blog
Look for the best ways about your customer comfort to offer them different possibilities such as posting and sharing the latest news, entertaining and interesting articles and short blog messages

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