SEO Found Keywords
This module for PrestaShop allows you to improve the SEO of your store with those keywords for which it has been found more often by customers in the most relevant search engines (Google, Yahoo, A
A language: a shop
 You want to have a language by shop? This module is for you!  1 language: 1 shop better coherence between URL and language of shop duplicate content avoided with this modul
Navigation products (Prev - Next)
The module to be able to navigate the products within the selected category, making navigation available to the next and previous product category. The module to be able to navigate the p
SEO - Landing Page Optimization Research
Version française disponible uniquement. Version française disponible uniquement. Version française disponible uniquement.
Additional product name depending on the category
Automatically add additional words to products name, meta title, meta description, meta keywords depending on the category.   Allows to add additional name to product title, meta fi
Seo redirect 301 product, category, cms, brands
You do not sell a product, you close a category, you delete a CMS page, you no longer work with a supplier or manufacturer and you do not want to lose existing SEO to this page ?This module allows
SEO Expert
Increase site traffic by landing on first page search engine results! This SEO Expert module automatically fills in both meta tags and social media meta tags to optimize your online store for bet
Google Image Sitemap
The Google image sitemap module allows you to create a specialized image sitemap for Google's image search. Increase your shop rating and improve its SEO by allowing Google to scan all of
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Manage your SEO efficiently and succesfully with a powerful and easy-to-use tool for any storeowners.   Optimize your website and drive it to top ranking positions with the help of the S

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