AI Advanced Search
  Advanced search engine on the product database. Multiple cross-searching with the products table, features, suppliers, shops, manfacturers and categories.   Provide advanced s
Alphabet Brands
Browse and shop by specific manufacturers using alphabet-based navigation! Represent your shop manufacturers in a specific alphabet form thereby improve product navigation for the custome
Filter by Features
Filter by Features is a convenient feature for admins that will allow you to better manage the store products with variable features. With this Module you will be able to quickly sort and reach th
CloudSearch is an advanced search engine that integrates with PrestaShop to enable live product search with quick and highly relevant search results. Power up your store with enterprise-class sear
Customizing navigation facet - blocklayered
You can customize your filter block, adding images for features, attributes and brands (manufacturers) and remove the boxes and text. Customize your navigation facet block to allow your v
Advanced Search 4
Best Module Award Winner - Add the fastest layered navigation system for PrestaShop ! Provide to your customers the products that meet their needs. Indispensable tool for shops offe
Next/Previous product on product page
This module adds a product preview to other related products.  Improve the usability of your store! This module improve the usability of your store. Your customers will see more rel
Search by Category
Boost your sales now by making your shop look like Amazon with this extaordinary and fast category-aware search!   Don't miss the chance to get the module every PrestaShop user should have! Ever want
Multiple Features - Assign your features as you want
Multiple Features allows you to assign multiple values ​​of features to your products Add features to your PrestaShop catalog without limits! With Multiple Features, you can ass

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