NPS Discount Labels
This module increase the visibility of the discounts and add custom labels to products images according to their discounts. Ex : -20% ! This module add custom labels to products im
Amount to reach before free shipping
 Shows in the cart the amount to reach before free shipping. It also shows the amount to spent in order to have it.  - increase average basket- Backend easy to use 
Welcome Offer
Develop loyalty for your new customers Develop loyalty for your new customers! Encourage new customers to come back to your store and save time by send them a welcome offer for their sec
Advanced loyalty program
Customize the number of points awarded for each product, enter the details of assignments points of your customers, and add or delete it manually. You can now highlight products by assign
Best Quote
This module is used to present customers an option to obtain the best quotes for the products they are looking for. Benefits for the e-merchant: Attracts more customers Lessens the possib
SWISSROUND - swiss franc rounding
With this module you can round prices within the shop's currency. It is especially usefull for the swiss market, where the Rappen rounding is a must. round the currency to the ne
Fixed currency for a customer
The module disallows to change a currency by a customer. A seller can set a fixed currency for customers (for example, Dollar), but at that time he will use another currency for products
Groupon, KGBDeals and similar services bring thousands of new customers to your doors! Keep up with modern marketing! Generate discounts for any product with codes imported from a CSV file.
Custom Price Text / Hide Price
With the help of this module, you can hide the price everywhere other than in the product page. Product listing pages, homepage and column price displays are hidden and instead, your custom price/

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