Restriction of payments depending on the cart
This module allows you to limit the availability of methods of payments based on the amount of the cart of the customer.   You have several methods payments and some are not beneficial (
Multisystem BankLink (pangalink)
Bank Link is the safest and the most advanced Internet payment system for online shopping. Payment for online purchases is effected via Internet Banking, system which is the safest and mo
Fraudulent Payment Detection by Fraud Genius
Accurately detect fraudulent payments by credit card, PayPal, or other payment types. The cost to use Fraud Genius is negative.  It saves far more in lost revenue than the
Registration Confirmation
The module allows you to check if the registration mail is authentic.  The module has two options: 1) Mode customer, in this mode the client at the end of the recording is disabled,
FRAUD.AGENCY prevent fraud
 Don't be a victim of fraud, protect yourself against it! With our service you can start protecting yourself in only a couple of minutes from fradulent orders.  Increase your sales by o
Anti-Fraud - Detection of e-commerce fraud
Detect and prevent automatically the fraud risk of your orders. Protect yourself of payment frauds in order to prevent from losing monthly benefits. For a standard retail e-commerce, the

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