Custom form cms
Creating a questionnaire for the survey of users, multiple-choice questions. Use the questions you can gather the necessary information about users.  You can create unlimited q
Points & Discounts
Create a great loyalty program with Points&Discounts. Configure how many points the user gets for products and select items the points can be spent on. Create bundle deals and increase your sa
The module notify allows viewing a non-intrusive notification message judiciously placed on the top of your pages, or with the help of a custom hook. Notify module allows viewing a non-in
Upsell Products
Increase sales by suggesting related products to customers on a cart page. FME Upsell module allows you to create multiple promotions and discounts.   Suggest more products to your custo
Block Instan Newsletter
 The newsletter module allows to register for the newsletter. Forcing the user to accept the terms of privacy. Attaches a CMS page where you enter our privacy policy.  Complies with Eur
Message Bar Notification
Show messages and notifications to your visitors and promote the most important content of your website easily. Promote news, new products, relevant information, new products ... Thi
Stickers and Labels on products
For each product you can create your unique stickers and Labels Draws attention to specific products  increases sales  There is an unlimited number of stickers labels  
Events Online
Organize and plan your events and inform your customers.   This module allows you to organize your future events and keep track of past events.  You can add, modify, delete
Rolling Inventory
Schedule your employees to do a rolling inventory. The concept Rolling inventory means that your company do a smaller inventory on a daily/weekly basis.     With Rolling Inventory your

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