PrestaShop Megareembolso Module

.   Carriers available for the payment Select carriers for which will be activated is payment option. Define 2nd share (in percentage or fixed amount) and the amount from which this second fee will a...
This was description of the Megareembolso PrestaShop extension
Module ok Payment on delivery to add fixed charges, charges as a percentage or in combination, and limit their availability for products, categories, suppliers, manufacturers, delivery areas, transportation and order amount. Why do I need this module? Payment cash on delivery allows customers to pay for the order when it comes to their home. This module is the solution for those who don't trust the security of the payment or the introduction of bank details during the purchase. If enable this form of payment is additional costs for your company, you can make up for it by applying a surcharge by cash on delivery when the customer chooses this payment option.   Thanks to this module: Your customers pay when the order get to his home. If you configurate a fee due the COD payment, the customer receive the all information in the purchase summary, e-mail and invoice.   You can apply the a fee for payment on delivery, as well as disable this option of payment according to the products, suppliers...   Fixed fee or % Indicates the fee which will have to pay the customer who selects payment on delivery (COD). You can apply a fixed fee or a percentage of the total cost of the order.   Minimum fee. If you set a fee as a percentage, you can apply a minimal fee that will be applied when the fee as a percentage of the order is less than the minimum fee. Example: An order of €10 with a cash on delivery of the 5% fee, will have a surcharge of € 0.50. If you decide to apply a minimum fee of €2, the customer will pay €2 since the percentage is lower than the established minimum fee.   2nd fee It activates a second fee that will apply to amounts higher than "X" euros. Define 2nd share (in percentage or fixed amount) and the amount from which this second fee will apply. If the order amount is less than the amount stated, the first payment will be applied.   Tax fee Select the type of tax already included in the fee by cash on delivery or selects the tax that applies to the fee (in this way the customer will have to pay the fee plus taxes)   Choice of amount minimum/maximum to enable payment contrareemboslo Indicate what is the minimum and maximum order amount, from which the option is shown paying cash on delivery. Payment cash on delivery will not be shown for amounts below or above the established   Restriction on cash on delivery payment You can disable the payment on delivery to make it appear not available according to: -Products -Categories -Manufacturer -Suppliers -Zone -Carriers To hide this form of payment, only have to enter the corresponding ID in each field (separated by commas) You can also enable the payment on delivery option, but disable the surcharge so do not apply in certain areas ("free"). Thus these free areas customers will pay your order by cash on delivery, without paying a charge extra.   Carriers available for the payment Select carriers for which will be activated is payment option. Thus, payment on delivery option does not appear when customer select the carrier in question.  Remark: If you select a carrier to the module and change the name of the carrier in Prestashop, you must Access the Megareembolso module to select again the transportisa with the edited name.   Information for customers and the administrator The charge appears on a new line in the summary of the purchase, email and invoice, under the concept "cash on delivery surcharge" In addition you will be broken down in the Back Office store according to the order. (Back Office / orders) Customer Benefits Your customers will not have to pay in advance, or provide online banking data. They can shop at your store with confidence, no worries, because they will not have to pay anything until they have order in your own home.



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