PrestaShop MaAz product import module Module

. php (run as webservice user). Imports products from ab. Will import only selected ab. You can set up currency rate. Deletes products that are nonexistent in ab. pl. pl and update prices, quantities ...
This was description of the MaAz product import module PrestaShop module
Imports products from to PrestaShop This module will automatically import products, manufacturers, features and images from and update prices, quantities and statuses. Will import only selected categories to the indicated PretaShop categories. Having imported products the module updates the quantity, the price and the status; therefore, descriptions and information can be changed easily. The module can operate both with the other modules of my own import and with ordinarily added products. You can set up marckup for two product price groups. You can set up currency rate. Deletes products that are nonexistent in The module deactivates the products if the quantity is 0 and activates if the number of products more then 0. You can run import from CLI. Command: php /path/to/module/import.php (run as webservice user).



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