PrestaShop Rental Module v1.3 Module

. Set multiple pick-up and delivery dates for multiple products in the same purchase order. Change rental days and items amount inside checkout resume. Calculate costs according to dates of delivery a...
This was description of the Rental Module v1.3 PrestaShop software
Rental Module is a module for Prestashop which allows you a simple way to transform your online store to rental services platform, without losing properties for sale in required products.   With Rental Module, you're going to convert in minutes a full working Prestashop e-commerce in a 100% full featured Rental Business. Install and configurate easily to perfect fill up with the requirements of your Rental Business. Module itselft will check the availability of items in terms of rent you’re rental platform has done ​​on the same dates You can choose the desired rental days, when item deliveries or returns are not made and calculate the cost of shipping according to your preferences.  You also have the ability to get in a confirmation email your delivery dates and schedule pickup reminder emails for both, yourself and the customer, as well updated availability emails every day you’re getting returned items.      Video THE ADDON MANAGES AUTOMATICALLY: Availability check by date and stock amount in each every single client purchase order. Calculate costs according to dates of delivery and picking up. Calculate costs according to round trip shipping purchase orders. Considers product’s weight if required, considering the courier rates and updates the final cost. EXTRA FUNCIONALITIES:   Confirmation email detailing the delivery date: Your customer will receive a confirmation email detailing the delivery date of your rental. Daily check to pick up or ship your products: The system is able to check the items must be returned the next day and send a reminder email to the customer and the rental business administrator. The administrator will receive an email with the names of all the items to pick up the next day with the order number. Also, it will check returned items every day and sends a new mail to the administrator with details of the items. In this way the module provides both, the client and the administrator more control over the movements made in the store. Customer Benefits   Select the rental dates with an easy calendar date picker. Change rental days and items amount inside checkout resume. Set multiple pick-up and delivery dates for multiple products in the same purchase order. Create mixed shopping carts: purchase and rent items in the same client purchase order. Receive a confirmation e-mail for each purchase and manage his account orders and messages on-line.



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