PrestaShop Google Shopping Exporter Module

. com for only 79. prestashop. Wants more with an interesting price? We provide a complete tool that will export your products to the main online comparators like Google, Amazon, Bing, Leguide, Shop...
This was description of the Google Shopping Exporter PrestaShop software
Easily export your products catalog to the Google Shopping comparison website. Wants more with an interesting price? We provide a complete tool that will export your products to the main online comparators like Google, Amazon, Bing, Leguide, Shopzilla and for only 79.99€! - Click the following link for more details : With Google Shopping Exporter, you won't have to worry about exporting your products again. Once configured, this module will generate on a regular basis your product feed with the stock, the availability, the price updates and every informations related for the Google comparison engine More over, you can fine tune what to export including : Which categories you want to include/exclude If you want to include the declinaisons of your products (including their various prices) Include/exclude products with no description Include/exclude products with no brands Include/exclude products with no EAN13/UPC reference We take a very important consideration into how your shop will be listed in the comparators, and for that, you can specify a specific category mapping for every category of your shop you want to export to every comparator. This will ensure your products will be listed in the best results and increase your sales. This module aims to be powerful and provide a full set of functionalities including : Multi-shop : You can configure it depending on your various shop if you have many shop defined. International : You have titles and descriptions written in multiple languages ? No worries, our module is multi-language-aware ! Multi-currency : You sell your product in multiple currency accross the globe ? Our module enable you to define a currency for every feed you create in every language. You can then define the Dollar currency for your english product, and the Euro currency for your French product, for example. Carrier : You can define a carrier of your choice in order to calculate the shipping price and improve the position of your products in the comparison websites. Attributes : Your products have attributes like Size and Color. Some comparison website like Google Shopping use them and we consider it important in order to improve the positionning of your products in the search results. Our module provide a set of multiple attributes to map with your products in order to better integrate with the comparison websites. Powerful generation of feed : Our module comes with a CRON script to generate products feed in order to lower the resources of your server and provide the feeds in a breathe.



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