PrestaShop Affliate Marketing and Analysis Module

.   You don't have stock, but you list other popular or affliate store's products on your Prestashop online store. The module does the rest. e. 25 in real life. Display optionsAffliate marketers have...
This was description of the Affliate Marketing and Analysis PrestaShop improvement
This module provides affliation, and allows affliate marketers to track the redirection analytics including conversion rates through Google Analytics E-commerce tracking reports.  You don't have stock, but you list other popular or affliate store's products on your Prestashop online store. This module is provides affliation and allows affliate marketers to track their affliate link redirections with the help of Google Analytics e-commerce reporting.Google analytics data is for informational purposes only, i.e. the sales there represent clicks by customers on affliate marketers’ own website, and it  doesn’t mean an actual purchase has been made as it is impossible to get another websites data. This is why we avoid the word ‘tracker’ as it would sound like we are tracking the purchases.The data is useful because affliate marketers can compare the sales total in Google and the total they actually receive in commissions and get a conversion rate. i.e. Google says £100 earned, customer receives £25 in real life, so 25% conversion.That way, affliate marketers can estimate that for every £1 earned (in Google data), they may receive around £0.25 in real life. Display optionsAffliate marketers have four options on the product page: Using the affliate redirection button (Buy from Apple Online Store/Custom button) and native Add to Cart button together Using only the affliate redirection button (Buy from Apple Online Store/Custom button) Using the native Add to Cart button No buttons at all (catalog mode)Notification optionYou have two options of redirection notification: No notification box – immediate redirection Notification box stating the redirection information. CountdownThe countdown value can be adjusted in seconds.Affliate ID/UsernameIf you have to declare your affliate id/username at the end of your redirection links like “”, then fill in the “Affliate ID/Username” field. The module does the rest.Main Features: Custom button content Redirection button display option that can be adjusted differently for each product Redirection notification in fancy box, optional Countdown time is optional Affliate ID/Username sent through the link is optional Affliate commission that can be set differently for each product Link cloaking/masking, fake link can be used to hide your affliate link SEO friendly Transmitted E-commerce tracking data:  transaction ID affiliation or store name total amount – commission x product price(tax excluded) tax  shipping cost city  state country  SKU Code – Reference code, if it is empty a 6 digit fake number is generated product name category name  quantity



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