PrestaShop Create quotation in front and back office Module

. - You can download a quote that has been previously created at any moment. - The quotes are registered under the client account, allowing you to find them easily. - Create quotes via the backoffice....
This was description of the Create quotation in front and back office PrestaShop addon
 Increase your revenue, by giving your clients the option of creating a quote, in a few clicks  - Find the list of created quotes in your backoffice. - Resend the quote to the client or administrator by email, in one click. - Donwload the quotes in one click. - Modify the quotes you have created, or those that clients have created themselves. - Create the quotes in the backoffice and assign them to your clients. - Add a message to the quote. - Automatic calculation of the totals (total product, vat, etc..). - Choose the carrier according to the price or weight range, which you will have already defined. - Assign a client to a quote, by simply entering the first letters of their surname or name. - Add products, by simply entering the first letters of the product name. - The products added to the quote, will manage the versions. - Add pre-defined texts to your quotes (confirmation text, end user agreement, open text, address, etc..). - Choose whether the quote should automatically be sent by email, to the client. - Define the address of the administrator who will be receiving the quote requests. - Choose the number of products displayed on each page on the quote's PDF. - Add discount to your quotation.  - Your clients can transform their cart into a quote, in a a few clicks. - It is also possible to send quote requests freely, without having to use the cart. - Create quotes via the backoffice. - Modify quotes, including those created by the clients. - The quotes are listed in the backoffice and in the client account. - The client can transform the quote into a cart, in one click. - Either yourself or your client, can add a message to the quote. - Your clients can add a message for the administrator ( a message that will not be visible on the quote). - The users that are not logged in, wlll also be able to request quotes. - Automatic or manual sending of the quotes, by email. - The administrator can decide to be alerted via the email address of their choice, when a quote is created. - There are numerous text zones available for pre-registering your texts of approval, etc… - The quote is generated via a classic template file, that you will be able to customise, if you so wish. - Photos of the products are displayed on the quote. NEW: Now discounts and more ca be used in quotation. (Cart rules, reduction for group...). Customer Benefits  - Clients wishing to purchase in large quantities, will be able to ask for a discount, in a few clicks. - The quotes are registered under the client account, allowing you to find them easily. - You can download a quote that has been previously created at any moment. - Transformation of a quote, into a basket, in one click. - You can prepare a quote, either by transforming a basket or by using the classical method, via an application form. - The quotes are generated in a PDF version, which is very simple to print or save. - The "create a quote" button, can be added in several places on the website, in order for it to be easily found.



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