PrestaShop Facebook Block - Like my Fanpage Module

. • Multi-Language Support. Equipped with Multilanguage support. • Customizable in a lot of aspects:    - Dimensions    - Show / hide the header "Find us on Facebook"    - Show / hide the fa...
This was description of the Facebook Block - Like my Fanpage PrestaShop extension
Module for creating a side block with Facebook widget "Like my Fanpage". Customers can "Like" your page straight from the box and the widget is fully customizable in appearance and content. Equipped with Multilanguage support. • Show a box to promote your Facebook page to get "Likes" and then new followers directly from your shop. • Multi-Language Support. Both in BackOffice and FrontOffice.   Texts and buttons will have the language of your choice:     English     French     Italian     German     Spanish. • Customizable in a lot of aspects:    - Dimensions    - Show / hide the header "Find us on Facebook"    - Show / hide the faces of users who follow your page    - Show / hide your posts    - The language of the widget • Place the module wherever you want, on the left or right of your shop or on both columns • The block will automatically incorporate the theme of your store, adopting the styles. • Show a widget box to promote your Facebook fanpage • Allows the "Like" straight from the box in question. • Can be configured with a few clicks and it's fitted with a Preview to test the various options available • Customizable appearance, functions and language   Customer Benefits All buyers are now looking for a Facebook page reference for their purchases as a guarantee of reliability. Offer your customers a useful tool for your business.



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