PrestaShop Premium Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce Module

. Coupons. Valuable information to improve the performance of your catalog and conversions of your online store. Products removed from cart. More Tracking Features: User-ID Session Unification. Time s...
This was description of the Premium Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce PrestaShop addon
The most powerful Google Analytics module for PrestaShop. Analyze your website to the millimeter and improve your Adwords Ads with Google Analytics Dynamic Remarketing.     Quick installation, you only have to put your Google Analytics ID * and add a little code in your template. The module uses the latest technology of Google Enhanced Ecommerce (August 2014) to track and transactions of your online store. The module provides the standard Universal Analytics tracking, measuring sales, events and performance with Enhanced Ecommerce Catalog and other extra functions follow how: User-ID: to track the behavior of your users when switching device. Dynamic Remarketing and demographic reports: Utila power Analytics to improve your ads Dynamic Remarketing, and know your customer profile. Link enhanced tracking: Track your dynamic links how the search button Our incredible support !!. Valuable information to improve the performance of your catalog and conversions of your online store. * You must have a Google Analytics account. Analyzes user experience: Clicks view product details. Products added to cart. Products removed from cart. Analyzes performance Catalog Store: Most profitable product list page (Category, Manufacturers, Suppliers). Product positions with more visits. More profitable products. Analyzes the checkout process: Behavior in the checkout process (Abandoned). Time spent on each purchase. Steps bounce purchases. Selected carriers. Payment Methods. Analyzes Purchasing and Returns: Products purchased. Coupons. Partial refunds. Total refunds. More Tracking Features: User-ID Session Unification. Dynamic Remarketing and interest and demographic reports. Enhanced link attributions. Customer Benefits Get all this valuable information about how your visitors interact and how they become customer, as well as the performance of the products in your catalog to improve your ROI.  



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