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. It is possible to combine several criteria while giving them a different degree of importance. fr/documentations/en/mdpositions_readme_en.   Essential if you have a lot of products in your catalog...
This was description of the Automatic positioning of your products PrestaShop addon
Automatically and intelligently change your products' position in your categories thanks to many different criteria (best sales, stock, price, profit, etc...).    This module allows you to change automatically your products' position thanks to sort you would have previously defined.   For a given sort, you can choose one or several categories that will be impacted. Then, you will be able to add one or multiple criteria. It is possible to combine several criteria while giving them a different degree of importance.   Examples of simple sort: Sort by descending stock Sort by descending profit   Examples of combined sorts Sort by descending stock and ascending age Sort by descending stock, descending profit and presence of special offers   When several criteria are combined, you can adjust the "weight" of each of them in order to set their priorities between them.   Essential if you have a lot of products in your catalog! NEW: you can now easily create your own criteria from patterns! For instance, maybe you will be more interested by the last 10 days sales rather than the 90 days one? No worries, you just need to create a criteria with the wizard included! Available criteria to arrange your sorts: - Stock quantity - Number of images - Product discounted - Profit - Last three months' sales - Product's views/sales ratio, - Product's price - Stock availability (yes or no)   Numerous other criteria are on their ways and should be available soon! Some of them are even customizable, allowing you to use you own settings!   You can also define for every sort a number of "locked" positions: products' positions that are positioned within this range will not be altered. You can still keep control of your nth first products' position in each of your categories. For more information, you can read the documentation: Customer Benefits A smarter positioning of your products will ensure your visitors a better experience while browsing your website.  



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