Shipping Cost based on Formula with Cart Total, Weight
Automatically сalculate the shipping price based on the formula with Cart Total and Weight variables. The module creates a shipping method (Prestashop Carrier) which automatically сalc
So Colissimo Points Relais
This module allows you to propose So Colissimo Points Relais as a carrier.  As you can create a different carrier dedicated to So Colissimo Points Relais, it is easier for you to configu
Frais de port par produit
Allow to each product a shipping cost You can set: The maximum shipping cost amout If the costs are counted once or many times that the products are present in the cart. Shipping costs are set in -T
Multiples carriers / Multiples transporteurs
This module allows to link each product to one or more carriers. When a customer adds a product in its cart, the carrier is automatically selected. If multiple carriers are possible, the cheapest is c
Australia Post (PrestaMonster)
Get Australia Post (Auspost) shipping quotes in real time.   Automatically upgrade to a newer version, once it's released. Save your time! Ship within Australia (domestic) or to any c
USPS Delivery Status
An essential service in the United States, USPS is the leading distributor of correspondence in America. For American-based merchants, the USPS module for PrestaShop allows you to offer your clien
UPS Delivery Status
UPS, the #1 package delivery service in the United States, is a key player in ecommerce. Offering UPS as a form of delivery is crucial for customers looking for speedy, tracked and dependable deli
Planning livraisons
This module allows the end user to choose the date and time slot for delivery, depending on availability of the merchant.   Features: - Ability to display a summary of deliveries within the next 7 da
So Colissimo - Officiel
Offer your customer 5 different delivery methods with LaPoste.

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