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This was description of the Advanced search of products PrestaShop software
Using PrestaShop and sell spare parts, accessories or consumables? You want to offer your customers the ability to find your products like Our add-on is THE solution.   This module allows you to set the labels used in the search bloc to fit your marketing needs. Taking the example of a site that sells consumables for printers, you provide the brand, model of your printer from a proposed drop down list, and if you manage three levels of categories, you provide also the range. And the site shows you a list of consumables compatible with your printer. The same principle can also be applied to search for parts compatible with your vehicle.   In BackOffice: Ability to configure the module by changing : + the categories level (two or three levels) + the type of sort, + the sort direction, + recover or not the form data submitted by the search, + ability to display the module in the left column or in the right column, + ability to display the module in the home page (either in the central area of the page, or in the top area of the page. Ability to set the search labels. Multi-language Management Supports up to 3 levels of categories.  In FrontOffice: Search for products with two or three dropdown list and text field, ie, Selecting a value from the first list area (that represents the first level category), this causes the dynamic loading of the data for the second list area (which represents the second level category), and if you manage 3 levels, choosing a value from the second dropdown list, causes a dynamic loading of the data for the third dropdown list, then through the text area, you can enter or not (Reference, consumable number, etc.) to filter the search. Possibility to erase and empty the current search by clicking in the "Erase search" button. This module will be displayed only in the right or left column. Compatibility : from 1.5.1 to 1.6.x



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