Tax Summary
Module for PrestaShop store. Generates and exports a list of accounting information for all store orders between two dates. You can filter by type of tax and payment type.   Provides acc
Tax Exempt
This module is great to manage tax exempt customers. You are able to create a group where your customers within that group will not be billed for taxes during the check out process. This module is
Accounting reports and summary table excel
A quick way to generate reports for orders accounting. You can filter by date interval and by order status. Generates accounting spreadsheet detailed and summarized. With this module you
DMU EBP Accounting Export
The EBP Accounting Export module will allow you to create a file date to date, ready to be imported directly into your EBP software ! With this module, you gain precious time in entering
Sales commissions
Calculate commissions on the sales of your sales agents easily with a few clicks!      This module allows you to get a few clicks commissions on sales of commercial agents. It provides
Mass print delivery addresses
Simplify the sending of your packages with this module by automatically generating shipping addresses!   This handy module lets you create and print delivery addresses in bulk. Indeed, it generates a
Scan Spray product with EAN13
Manage your inventory by scanning EAN13 inventory, increment decrement. You can increase or decrease the stock of a product while having a view of your latest transactions and save a report Compa
Sales management : Quotes, Orders, Invoice
B2B tool that guarantees a seamless sales management workflow from Quotes to Invoices. Easy to handle and set up. Ideal for multi-conversion tunnels websites.  A fully fonctional B2B
LC Negative Invoice Administrator
This module allows the merchant to create negative invoices from orders with an invoice previously generated. These invoices will be part of the statistics and accounting of Prestashop.  

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